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Yellowstone Montana
Author - Drew Wittstock
Date - 1/30/2009

Hey everyone, Drew Wittstock here, I got the opportunity to go on a totally radical road trip with Ride Guide last year and my good buddy Stevie Hjorleifson. After joining up with ride guide cinematographer and field producer Cory Horton the three of us went on a wicked and wild drive across most of Montana to Moonlight Basin and Big Sky resort. 
At moonlight we we stayed in the swankiest of swanky accommodations making us all, but mostly just me and Stevie, feel like the ski bums we are, not accustomed to the lavish pad we had we were curious to see what the actual mountain was like. 
the answer, it was super sick! We didn't hit it with perfect snow, but when the first day of shooting dawned we saw all the potential it had. Some of the coolest steepest lines around right along side mellower fun laps where you can watch the insanity go down. We got right to it and had a blast ripping moonlight to shreds. When Moonlight could take no more of our war of slashes and bomb drops we just hopped up to the top of the mountain and skied down the other side to beautiful Big Sky Resort. 
Big Sky is big! Super fun with, get this, even more gnar! Tons of inbound gnar! Again the snow wasn't epic but we made the most of it exploring the resort and the culture that is Montana. Beer, Big lines, and no babes. Everything from cliff hucks, to steep couloirs, to open faces, to perfectly spaced glades can be found at Big Sky, and we skied em all. Sadly we had to move on before a big dump, but next up we hit up a pretty little place you might have heard of called Yellowstone National Park. No big deal right?
Yellowstone National Park was one of the most amazing places I've had the chance to go to. Even after seeing it by cross country skiing it is untarnished in my memory. Delicious food and amazing hospitality at the lodge, coupled with views of the geysers, wildlife, and landscape made it one of the more memorable stops on the trip. I'd suggest a trip there to anyone who likes anything awesome.
After the blisters healed from our cross country we stopped by Red Lodge resort in the corner of Montana and shredded some glades. If you're looking for a cool out of the way ski hill, an even cooler town check out Red Lodge. One of the coolest main streets ever. It really makes you feel like you've dove into the real Montana.
Last on our trip was Bridger Bowl. Bridger is insane, Stevie and I probably talked for hours about going back there when they got a dump. The terrain that is lift accessible, or accessed by a short boot pack is unreal! With your avalanche gear and a mind set to get your rad on that place would entertain you for a lifetime! It was a wicked way to end off two weeks of awesome skiing and super fun times. It was sad to leave Montana, but with every return trip to Canada is a good ol'fashion stop at duty free, so none of us were so depressed that is was beyond help. 
A big thanks to Ride Guide for sending me on that trip, and to Columbia for the gear and making the trip happen. Shout outs to Salomon and Fresh Sports in Calgary too for always helping me out! 
Until next time, good shredding everyone, 
Drew Wittstock
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