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Travels With Smiley
Author - Smiley
Date - 2/2/2007

Ride guide tour.

Part one brought to you by Smiley.


The plan

To travel all over the provinces of BC and Alberta to slide all over the mountains that are covered in the largest snowfalls in over a decade using lifts, snow-cats and helicopters.

The players

Over the last three weeks the people involved in this endeavor were ride guides hostess with the mostest, Joanna, Sarah Lang, MC Larivee, Richie Schley, Riley Leboe, Ashleigh McIvor

Cory Horton and Smiley


Big smiles! face shots. Lots of laughs. A total success!


Finally home after two weeks of living out of a bag and staying in one place for no longer than 4 days. good thing was I’ve been shredding out of a helicopter or snow cat for almost the entire time. Not a bad way to spend the winter.


Island lake lodge cat skiing

Pretty good crew to be there with. It was my old friend Richie Schley (dusted off some of his skiing styles). He’s been a professional Mt-biker for some time now. Riley Leboe was the my other partner in crime good snow and great food. did i say great food?


Sunshine/Norquay and the lake

Coldest days ever! Record breaking snow year for the Rockies and we were there. I’ve never seen the Lake in that great of shape.


Powder cowboy cat skiing

Myself, My partner in crime, Cory and three beautiful girls who rip. On top of how good this sounds I personally had a top three days of my whole ski career here. Minus 12 probably 40 cms of unbelievable powder. Pure bliss.


Snowwater Heli

Cory and I we’re accompanied by skiing talent and pro mountain biker Richie Schley and skiing goddess and skier cross sensation (last years US. open winner) Ashleigh McIvor. Best food of the trip so far and our host Pat did not fail to impress. Fresh snow and some wind did create some exciting skiing with a dash of avalanches. Scooby Doo was there to pick up the slack.

Eagle pass heliskiing

Big peaks, deep snow, lots of it and the best terrain I’ve ever seen by far!!! Ashleigh, Richie, Cory and myself we’re more than impressed by this new operation run by three great guides  who really love to ski!


Until next time.

Stay tuned for more travelogues form Cory and Smiley.

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